Private Cloud Networks

Our Private Cloud Network solution allows organizations to host a complete network of Virtual Dedicated Servers to meet a wide variety of business demands. A private cloud model is similar to the traditional model of an individual local area network (LAN) but with the added advantages of virtualization. You have a choices — simply pay a flat fee per Virtual Dedicated Server, or you can pay for dedicated allocation of how many resources you require within your entire network and allocate resources to as many Virtual Dedicated Servers as you see fit.

 Ideal for

  • Co-location alternative
  • Clustered/load-balanced applications
  • Multi-server production environments
  • Extend existing applications and network
  • Testing and lab environments



  • Accessible by a single organization for greater control, higher security, and privacy
  • Manage your own virtual environment without the investment
  • Scale-up resources as needed
  • Managed, partially managed, or unmanaged options available


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