Hosted Sync Services

Ready to move to a hosted platform to sync your Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), Exchange public folders and Outlook calendars and contacts? We offer our Hosted DIB Sync services for organizations who need our hosted solution for enterprise calendar and contact synchronization. Use our Hosted DIB Sync services to automatically sync calendar, contact, task, notes, posts/mail folders and even your global address list (GAL) to your users’ personal folders for viewing on mobiles.

We’ll customize a hosted services solution tailored to your synchronization requirement and number of users. Our services includes a dedicated hosted replication machine with our DidItBetter sync software installed and configured by one of our certified engineers, managed completely by our experienced DidItBetter professional services team under Premier Support. DIB InstaConnectTM and replication monitoring is included with this option for speedy, responsive resolution.

For more information or quote, call (813) 977 5739 or send an email