Hosted Sync Software

If you're looking for a way to sync your Microsoft Exchange public folders and Outlook calendars and contacts in a hosted platform, look no further. We offer a few hosted sync software options for organizations who need a hosted solution for calendar and contact synchronization. Our hosted sync solutions support calendar, contact, task, notes, posts/mail folder sync and also automatic global address list (GAL) synchronization.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange Mail with Add2Exchange Enterprise Sync

If you are searching for a hosted Exchange solution and want to add Add2Exchange replication, ask about our Hosted Exchange mail with Add2Exchange service offering. This option is completely managed by our DidItBetter Support team for speedy issue resolution. Read more...

Hosted Add2Outlook Sync Server for  Hosted Exchange and Office 365 Users

If you already have a hosted services provider (hosted Exchange / Office 365) or have on-premise Exchange 2016, we offer the Hosted Add2Outlook Sync Server. We'll provide a dedicated replication virtual machine for replication, and Add2Outlook will be installed and configured by one of our certified engineers. Managed completely by us, or may also be managed by you and your team. DIB InstaConnectTM is included with this option for speedy issue resolution. Read more...

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